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Gymnastics Classes

Preschool Gymnastics

Join us for our weekly themed classes for children ages 18 months to 5 years called Gym Kids.  Gym kids classes are 45 minutes in duration. Our preschool classes are fun! Each class begins with a warm-up emphasizing social skills, self-esteem, body positions, and gymnastics terminology. Beginner in September 2022, we have created and are implementing a new fun and creative curriculum for our pre-school aged students.  Our classes are skill oriented with red level skills being introduced to preschool children at an appropriate developmental level.   Staffing ratio for preschool classes beginning at age 3 is 1:6.  The staffing ratio for toddler classes with parents is 1:7 as these classes.

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Boys Events Classes

All Beginner Classes are Designated as Co-Ed; however, there are several classes designated as Boys only in which only the 6 Men's Olympic Events are instructed.  However, girls are also welcome to register for these classes.  Women's events such as Balance Beam are not included in this class.  Gymnastics  instruction in these classes includes skills on the six Olympic events for men: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar in a class style structured just for the needs of energetic boys! Students also work on strength, fitness, and coordination that will help in every other sport. 

Gym Kids with Special Needs

This is a class for children who require 1:1 assistance to be successful in a gymnastics class. This class will have differentiated instruction based on the children who are registered. One adult is required per child to assist child during class with remaining with the group, etc. Class is 45 minutes and is co-ed.  Staffing ratio is 1:6.

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Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational classes are for ages 5 and up. The recreational program is divided into 4 levels: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Students are evaluated every other month to determine if they are ready to move to the next level. The staffing ratio for recreational classes is 1:8. 


This class is an introductory class for students with little or no gymnastics experience. In this 55-minute class, students will learn basic gymnastics skills like rolls, bridges, cartwheels and more. Students are introduced to the basics on all 4 apparatuses including Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor and Tumble Trak. Students will work on increasing flexibility, strength, body control,

coordination and confidence.

Advanced Beginner 

This advanced beginner level class continues to build on the basic gymnastics skills mastered in the beginner level.  In this 70-minute class, students will learn skills like handstands, roundoffs, back bend kickovers, pull-overs, and back hip circles. Students will continue to build their flexibility, strength, body control and coordination needed to continue to learn more difficult gymnastics skills.


This fun but focused intermediate level class is for students who have mastered the skills from the red and white levels. The intermediate level is offered as an 85-minute class. Skills in this level are more challenging and include skills like back and front walkovers, stride circles,  sole circle dismounts, handstands on balance beam and much more. Instructors focus on correct technique and form and continue to build strength, flexibility, and body control.


This 85 minute class is our most advanced class and continues to build on the skills learned in previous level. Advanced skills include round off back handsprings, front handsprings, aerials, glide kips, squat-ons and more. Instructors focus on correct technique and form and continue to build strength, flexibility, and body control.

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