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Tumbling Classes

Gym America's tumbling classes focus on floor skills for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers and more!  Beginning level groups will focus on tumbling fundamentals such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and backbends.  Intermediate to advanced groups will focus on back and front walkovers, front and back handsprings, aerials, front and back tucks and more!  


Gym America's drop-in tumbling classes are very convenient because you only pay for the classes that you attend.  Come in and try out one of our classes for a trial fee of only $15.  Please call ahead to schedule trial classes.  Regular price of our 55 minute classes is $25 and our 70 minute classes are $28 after becoming a member ($65 annual registration fee)


Tumbling Classes are available several days per week.  Please see our schedule on our home page.

Tumbling and Tramp

This 55 or 70 minute class introduces your child to trampoline and tumbling skills. Students will learn how to perform basic trampoline skills in a safe environment while improving core strength, muscle memory and air awareness. Students will also focus on learning basic tumbling skills. This is a great class for students who love to flip but may not be interested in traditional gymnastics. It’s also a great class for cheerleaders.

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