Our current school year schedule will end on 6/15/19 and our summer schedule/session will run from 6/16/19-8/25/19. Our new 2019-2020 school year session will run from September 3, 2018 - June 13 2020. We have converted over to online registration.  If you are not sure what level to register your gymnast for, please give us a call or email us to schedule your gymnast for an evaluation. Students will be automatically enrolled for the entire school year program with payments due every 2 months. Payment is due by the 20th of the preceding month.  Therefore, payments are due on the following dates: August 20th (for September and October), October 20th (for November and December), December 20th (for January and February), February 20th (for March and April), and April 20th (May and June).  Two month period payment amounts might vary due to holidays, etc., and will be based on the number of classes occurring for that day of the week during that session.  Students beginning in the middle of a 2 month pay period will pay a prorated amount based on the number of classes remaining in the pay period.


Each student has the opportunity to schedule one make-up class per each 2-month pay period if space in a class allows.  All extended absences due to illnesses/injuries will be handled on a case-by-case basis. These makeup classes must be scheduled in advance. Please call the office and request a makeup.


​The following fees are based on a 2 month period in which 8 classes occur.  As a reminder, not all 2 month pay periods have 8 classes; therefore, prices will vary.

​45 minute classes =$160 for 2 months (8 classes)
55 minute classes = $184 for 2 months (8 classes)
70 minute classes = $208 for 2 months (8 classes)
85 minute classes = $232 for 2 months (8 classes)
​105 minute classes = $256 for 2 months (8 classes) 

120 minute classes = $280 for 2 months (8 classes) 

Class Session Dates and Cost:

Holidays/Dates Closed:

The following is a list of the dates that the gym will be closed for our regular class schedule due to holidays during the school year schedule; however, please note special camps or events, might be held on these dates: ​

9/4/20-9/7/20 - Labor Day Weekend

11/25/20 - 11/28/20 - Thanksgiving Weekend

12/23/20- 1/1/21 - Winter Break

4/4/21 - Easter

5/29/21 - 5/31/21 - Memorial Day Weekend

7/4/21  - Fourth of July 

Regularly scheduled classes will be held on all other dates

Summer Session 2021:

Cost of summer classes is based on how many weeks you would like to attend as well as the length of the classes. We allow families to only register for the weeks that they are in town and available so that they are not paying for weeks when they are on vacation. Please see our summer registration form for more information and pricing information.

Summer 2021 Class schedule will be available by 4/1/2021

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